Item# N158
Nimble And Agile For Lighter Weight Skiers
  • Price:$1,499.00

The N158 is our lightest ski. It also boasts the sharpest turning radius. A thinner tri-wood core makes for a softer ski - ideal for smaller frame and/or lighter weight skiers. The N158's softness delivers a smooth and easy exit from every carved turn. Skiing bumps, trees, or powder the N158 engages in dynamic turns, not simply sliding, as even lighter skiers are able to flex the ski.

Dimensions:  Tip 132mm x Waist 78mm x Tail 113mm

Turning Radius: 10.5 meters

Weight Per Ski:  1294 grams / 2.85 pounds

Core: Tri-Wood - Hickory/Brown Ash/Beetle Kill Lodgepole Pine

Sidewalls: Hickory

Layer: Full-Length Kevlar, Carbon Fiber, and Tri-axial Fiberglass

Base: UHMW 4001

Edges:  Rockwell 48

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